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Ultimate Business Systems was founded in 1987 specifically as a service organisation for Ricoh based products, servicing their entire range of office products up to the present day. In 1990 we introduced Samsung products to the Channel Islands and we are the Jersey service-centre for their office products.
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About Us

Ultimate Business Systems is a proud leader in Jersey in the Selling and Service industry of Office equipment.  Founded in 1987,  Ultimate Business Systems has striven to provide the newest and most innovative technology in both the work place and home.

From it’s beginning servicing Digital Typewriters to installing some of the first computer networks in Jersey, through to present day Multifunction Devices , UBS has always aimed to be at the forefront of modern technology and shall continue to do so.

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Our top priority here at UBS is to provide the best service we can. Whether machines are on contract or an individual call, we get your machine fixed and operational with minimum hassle. We offer full service contracts to clients ranging from 3-5 years so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your machine will always be working.


Deciding upon the choice of machinery and office equipment for your business or even home can be a rather daunting task given the range and variety available. At Ultimate, using our years of experience dealing with a multide of different sized companies and their requirements, we can guide you to making the most efficient and cost effective decision, tailored to suit your specific needs.

Managed Documents

Used to optimise efficiency and the use of information, Managed document services facilitate employees access to information and documents, enabling more efficient use of time when finding, storing and organising documents. Through managed print and document services, we can help to streamline archiving and business processes.

Greener is Better

Global warming is an issue that surrounds and affects all of us. In Response to this we sell a number of products that can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your company and even home. All Ricoh photocopiers are designed to be eco-friendly from the outset. Ricoh have improved upon every aspect of their range in an effort to reduce the impact that their products have on the environment from the outset.


With the extension of our product line to include the re-manufactured toners we can offer a range of toner cartridges for all major manufacturers – having been involved in the rejuvenation of office products since our companies inception, the addition of this important product line dovetails neatly with our ethos of ‘repair before renew’.